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Twisted Fate ebook cover USAT.jpeg

Delilah Jones was once my saving grace. Now, she might just become my ruin. 

Normally I’d do everything to avoid her in our small town of Willow Brook Falls, but that's impossible since she's now my daughter’s new nanny. She’s also way too young for me, and completely off limits.

But there's just one problem. Even after all this time, I still can’t seem to resist her. 

I haven’t thought about another woman since I lost my wife, let alone wanting to touch one.

But that all changes the moment Delilah’s lips touch mine.

With time, her affection for my child grows but so does our attraction… and the complication that comes with it. 

Because Delilah isn't just any nanny, she’s my daughter's mother. And that may just ruin the both of us.


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A Salvation Society Novel

Desperation ebook cover-Final.jpg

This isn’t a fairy tale.

I’m not a French maiden captured by the beast who turns into a prince.

My story is quite the opposite.

My knight in shining armor is really just a monster hidden behind rugged good looks and a leather jacket.


Drake Wilder saves me from one hell only to subject me to his own brand of torment.

For years, I remain his prisoner, kept under lock and key and punished for every infraction.

I yearn to escape, but in my desperation, I become careless.

Once freedom is finally within reach, I let my guard down long enough for him to ensure I’ll be tied to him forever.


But sometimes, when all hope seems lost, that’s the moment a savior lands on your doorstep.

And my savior… he’s a Navy SEAL searching for redemption.

Devon Kingsley has a past, ghosts that haunt his dreams.

And one final demon to slay.


The Trilogy Is Complete!
Binge Abby & Jacob's Story Today

Anything For This Love
Wild Hearts Book 3

Something That Could Last

Wild Hearts Book 1

Everything We Left Unsaid
Wild Hearts Book 2

Everything-We-Left-Unsaid-EBOOK (1).jpg
Anything-For-This-Love-EBOOK (1).jpg

“Cade’s debut southern romance, Something That Could Last, is as sweet as iced tea is supposed to be. And you’ll want to drink every last drop of this book.” ~Award Winning Author, Casey L. Bond


"This small-town romance is overflowing with humor, heart and heat. I smiled. I laughed. I swooned. And I fell head over heels in love." ~Goodreads reviewer

"The romance between Abby and Jacob was just really good. Butterflies in your belly kind of good!" ~Maureens Books

“There's really no easy way to prepare yourself for the second story in the Wild Hearts series. Everything We Left Unsaid hit me right in the stomach with the very first chapter.” ~Author Amy Stevens

“Perfectly written, heart gripping, mind blowing” ~Cover to Cover Cafe

“This second book in the series was everything I was hoping for and more… It was so sweet, some angst, heartache and last but not least, hot!” ~Amazon reviewer

"A great conclusion to a wonderful series." ~Maureen's Books

“A refreshing beautiful read.” ~Tania’s Book Blog

"My heart and I went through it all with Abby and Jacob. Their story wasn’t easy and I loved the realness of that. I really loved that this installment made me feel more connected with these two. What an emotional and great ending to their journey." ~Amazon reviewer


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This is the perfect beach read that has all the feels, ANGSTY goodness and scorching hot scenes burning up the pages.” ~Author Ashley Munoz

“The perfect beachy summer read!" ~Author Brittany Taylor

"This book is romantic, hot, steamy, sexy…ugh simply perfect!! This is the kind of book you won’t be able to put down" ~Goodreads reviewer

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