Something That Could Last

Wild Hearts #1

Life of luxury.

Prestigious family. 

Privileged upbringing. 


My life sounds like a dream, but it comes at a price. 

As the eldest son of an affluent family— and one of D.C.’s most powerful players— I have little control over my destiny and a stack of expectations I’ll never be able to meet.


Longing for a reprieve, I escape to a little mountain town in West Virginia with my best friend to kick off summer break. I plan to lose myself in the outdoors, forgetting all about the pressures and obligations back home. Turns out, a petite waitress with killer legs and a heart of gold is all the distraction I need.


Abby Harris is a game changer and my complete opposite in nearly every way. I only have two weeks with her, and in the beginning, that seemed like enough. But as our time dwindles, I start to fall faster and faster, like grains of sand slipping through the neck of  an hourglass.


But I’m not the only one under her spell. 

When a scorned admirer resurfaces to exact his revenge, It’s up to me to keep her from falling into his clutches. I have only seconds to act before her fate is sealed and if I fail, I risk losing her forever.


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