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Twisted Fate
Willow Brook Falls #2

Delilah Jones was once my saving grace. Now, she might just become my ruin. 

Normally I’d do everything to avoid her in our small town of Willow Brook Falls, but that's impossible since she's now my daughter’s new nanny. She’s also way too young for me, and completely off limits.

But there's just one problem. Even after all this time, I still can’t seem to resist her. 

I haven’t thought about another woman since I lost my wife, let alone wanting to touch one.

But that all changes the moment Delilah’s lips touch mine.

With time, her affection for my child grows but so does our attraction… and the complication that comes with it. 

Because Delilah isn't just any nanny, she’s my daughter's mother. And that may just ruin the both of us.


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Trigger Warning

This book contains subject matter that may be difficult for some readers, including, but not limited to: SA (occurs off-page) resulting in unplanned pregnancy, death of a spouse, grief, infertility, and adoption.

If you find any content within this book that warrants a TW that is not listed, please reach out to the author at

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