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Willow Brook Falls Book #1

Twisted Fate (1).jpg

ABOUT: Small Town | Single Parent | Best Friend


Single and pregnant at eighteen was not what I had planned for my life, but after my fiancé skipped town on our wedding day, I had no choice. When his best man handed me the goodbye note, I thought my life was over.


Three years later, his best man is now my best friend. My family likes him. My daughter adores him. And me? Well, I’m hopelessly in love with him. Too bad I can never tell him how I feel.


A drunken kiss after our friend’s birthday party threatens to reveal my secret. I have two choices: confess my feelings for him or pretend I was too wasted to remember. Lying could mean missing out on a future with the man I love. Telling the truth could ruin our friendship forever. Should I play it safe or risk it all for our happily ever after?

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